The Truth Tends To Lie – Or, How I Learned To Start Worrying And Think For Myself!

The Truth Tends To Lie.

This refers to the idea that what is often portrayed to be truth, in fact is not, and what is paraded as fact, is indeed either subjective or utter fiction.

In a larger sense, most of the major lies told in our societies that directly affect every person, are sanctioned by society. This is because Societies are merely systems, only tools created by Humanity, and although at first it would seem that it is only a group of people at its heart, in practice they are so massive they indeed take on lives of their own, in a very real sense.

It is important to note there is more than one system. Governments do not control their populace on their own. Their Religions and Sanctioned Information Channels do that. They do not create profit on their own. Their Banks, Industries, and Militaries do that. They do not quash dissent on their own. Their Educational System does that.

They are not controlled by any group of individuals, though many do often manipulate the system to their benefit (And others’ inevitable detriment). They are so omnipresent that they are able to override the individual, and all competition, which includes individualism and free thought, to sustain itself.

And the irony of all this is that we are the cause, we are the root of all this behavior. By blindly following our predictable patterns, we sustain this web of systems, as it is inherently based around our psychology, being created by ourselves. Only through knowledge of this evil, can we terminate this seemingly monumental set of historical processes. Because, again, this multi-system’s greatest strength, is its greatest weakness. They only exists as long as we continue to deny their existence, and as long as we continue to perpetuate the cycle.

Knowledge is Potential. Action is Power.

This Blog will use that as it’s motto. I’ll post essays here, maybe some other relevant things will be posted here as well. To be clear, the focus of this Blog is the discussion of Social, Economic, Scientific, Logical, and Political issues. Weighty stuff. I’ll try to add in some relevant levity and humor along the way, to stave off boredom and/or hopelessness.

Here’s to a fun ride down the slip-and-slide that is our culture.

Founded October 22, 2008.


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